Our Quality Policy

Provision of Resources

The Managing Principal is responsible for the effective control and functioning of the processes through To implement and maintain the QMS & EOHS for continual improvement, to ensure its effectiveness and to enhance customer satisfaction; RES has provided adequate resources which include experienced and competent teachers, staff, computer facilities (hardware & software), and peripheral facilities. Review of resources requirements is carried out formally during internal meeting and management reviews meeting and also when any change in course are mandated the requirements for resources are informally monitored continuously to ensure compliance with statutory regulations as on date, needs and expectations of students

The organization determines and provides the necessary resources-

  • Required to realize the required service/product by the customer
  • To fulfill the identified training and skill up-gradation requirements
  • To implement & maintain quality management system & continually improve its effectiveness
  • To enhance customer satisfaction by meeting customer requirements

Human Resources

Resources' requirement is identified in documents such as Quality manual, procedures etc Personnel assigned to task are suitably trained and or qualified and experienced Minimum competence level is assured while recruiting the new personnel Adequacy of these resources is reviewed during management review, customer complaints review and internal quality audits

The requirements for further training and up-gradation of skills are identified and the required training is imparted to the desired personnel

The teachers and staff performing work affecting quality of the services are adequately trained, experienced and are competent to carry out process planning, control and measurement of results The staff members/ educators are adequately qualified, experienced and competent in their respective functional areas

Competence, Training and Awareness

This is required to establish and maintain a system for identifying training needs and provide for the training of all personnel performing activities affecting quality

Before employing the minimum required level of competence to perform specific tasks is determined, and only those who satisfy these requirements are employed This is verified through the competent examination/oral interview

Personnel performing specified tasks are adequately qualified through education, training or experience

Training needs for positions that perform activities affecting quality are identified and appropriate training is provided either in-house or by engaging the services of out side competent authority

Employees training records are established and maintained

The Managing Principal verifies the effectiveness of training by evaluating the Quality and Quantity of the output on assignment-to-assignment basis

The management ensures that its employees are aware of the relevance and importance of their activities by arranging the general awareness sessions on the working sites and explaining the individual roles of personnel and as a team

The employees are also made aware of the objectives of the organization by displaying the Quality policy and the Objectives at the working places, explaining the targets set and how everybody can contribute effectively to achieve the objectives set by the Management

RES has a well Defined system of :
  • Identifying competency needs for personal performing activities affecting service / product quality
  • Identifying training needs and evaluating effectiveness of the training provided
  • Ensuring that employees are aware of the importance of their activities and how they contribute to achievement of the Quality Objectives
  • Maintains appropriate records of experiences, training & qualifications

Employee records Training Codes & Trainers

Training Schedule Training Records & Evaluation

Effectiveness of Training

Competency Level for New Recruitment


RES has ample and well furnished work space and associated facilities thereby creating a suitable & congenial work environment, RES has provided infrastructure recommended by statutory and regulatory bodies; it has not only met but even surpassed the regulatory requirements of infrastructure so as to provide its students with state – of art facilities

Process, Equipment, Hardware and Software
Adequate numbers of computers, equipments/ instruments, hardware & software and well equipped laboratories / library facilities are available and maintained at RES

Course structuring is reviewed updated and revised ion line with the requirement of the Board to offer best and latest education The latest publications relating to various topics are kept in the library Original computer hardware and software are used and loaded in the computers

Supporting Services are maintained

Work/Studying Environment

The School is located in environmental friendly surroundings Interiors and rooms for classes are state- of – art Teacher rooms are spacious and ensure minimum comfort levels required for efficient functioning

Classrooms are well ventilated, lighted and seating arrangement including Facilities inside the lecture rooms are adequate and conductive Environment in and around the Institute is appropriate for un-interrupted studies

Fire extinguishers and first aid boxes are provided for emergency Medical doctors are available in the vicinity in case of emergency The School has taken the steps necessary for risk mitigation of students and employees in its premises

Planning of Service/product Realization

The education and related processes are well established and maintained at the School

Planning of these processes to meet the requirements of the students/ customers is done through quality Procedures, Work instructions, Teacher Diaries carrying Session Plans and laboratory practical Instruction Sheets, Work – Sheets etc developed for each individual class These work instructions have been formulated keeping in view

Quality objectives

The need to establish the process, documents, resources and infrastructure specific to the service Identification and validation (if required); monitoring, inspection and evaluation activities and criteria for their acceptability

Records necessary to provide confidence of conformity of the process and resulting products/services

Determination of Requirements Related to Service

The brochures are reviewed for accuracy and contents and dearly indelicate the courses offered by the School Based on the information indicated in these documents the students decide to join the School The School is committed to provide the educational inputs/ training / so that the student’/ parents’ / other customers’ expectations are met The Institutes ensure rounded development of students through various initiatives as described in this manual The School meets the total requirements( statutory and regulatory) in line with the requirements of the affiliated Board; both academically and otherwise The School is also committed to provide any additional requirement by way of a additional inputs/resources to the deserving students in line with the quality policy and objectives

Review of Requirements Related to Service

Whenever a new course or activity or offering in terms of coaching, counseling, and seminar is announced by the Institute, it shall review the following:

Service characteristics are defined

The School has the ability to meet the defined requirements

Records of the results of the review and actions arising from the review shall be maintained Whenever the specifications/ requirements of such offerings are changed, RES shall ensure that the relevant documents are amended and the relevant personnel are made aware of the changed requirements This shall be done by way of written communication to all personnel who were to deliver the service

Students themselves are considered to be customer supplied products Right from the time of Admission till the student leaves the School they are appropriately cared for and protected against various risks Counseling, positive reinforcement and remedial classes are provided to students who do not perform to expectations or those who are facing disciplinary action The information is communicated to guardians/ parents, who are advised to visit the School for joint counseling Strict controls are exercised in the School to brochures/ student diaries/ prospectus Controls also exist to ensure that they do not pick bad habits or fall into bad company

Customer Communication

Well established channels exist for effective communication with the students/ customers At the time Admission, prospectus/ brochure/ student diary / application form provides all the relevant information to the students / parents Information related to eligibility for Admission, duration of course, terms of payment, concessions available to needy and meritorious students, extra curricular activities, School capabilities and infrastructure, as well as is also provided to students and their parents or guardians personally at the enquiry stage The contract is reviewed by both the parties after the selection stage and discrepancies, if any, are resolved The students’ guardians sign the terms prior to finalization of Admission is confirmed after such consent and payment of the prescribed fees Post Admission, communication channels with students and their guardians include the following modes :

  • Announcements in Assembly
  • Institute Notice-Boards
  • Student Diary
  • Announcements in individual classes
  • Handouts and circulars sent to parents through students
  • Individual letters sent directly to parents through students
  • Souvenirs released during important events
  • Parents – teacher Meetings
  • Lectures/ tutorials/ sessions / viva- voice
  • Student and Parent Feedback

Operational Control

The MR is responsible for identifying operations and activities associated with significant environmental aspects that require operational controls in procedures, work practices or EOHS management programs

These documents define the mechanisms for the establishment, implementation and maintenance of the EOHS and ensure that the system is maintained in accordance with the EOHS policy and objectives and targets and is communicated to interested parties

System Procedures (See Appendix 9) : Cover the management and control of both the EOHS and the principal environmental aspects, which the system manages These procedures are School/ Class room wide in their application

Work Instructions/ operational Control Procedures ( See Appendix 10) : Cover the environmental control of specific operational activities and are usually activity specific in their application

Reference Materials : ISO 14001 : 2004 & OHSAS 18001 :1999 Standard (4 4 6)

Applicable Procedures EOHS -007 Contractors Controls

Emergency Preparedness and Response:

The School has an EOHS procedure to identify potential for and respond to accident and emergency situations, and for preventing and mitigation the environmental impacts that may be associated with them Emergency methods are reviewed by the EOHS heads on an annual basis and after the occurrence of accidents or emergency situations

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