Vision Statement

Real English School will provide quality education to students of rural areas of Gujarat in a student-friendly, safe, pollution-free, healthy and secular environment to help them develop into responsible hi-tech citizens.

Integrated Management System Policy:

RES will strive to achieve leadership position in the field of education by

  • Providing its students with education in the most effective manner.
  • Making a Student friendly, Safe, Pollution free, Healthy and Secular environment.
  • Providing students with awareness & trainings to preserve environment, health and safety.
  • Conservation of natural resources with effective use of electricity and water.
  • Continual improvement of its systems, its academic processes and outputs through effective monitoring, measurement and analysis, taking corrective and preventive actions in order to achieve its policy and satisfying all the legal and other requirements like approvals and licenses.

Note: The above policy shall be made available to all interested parties on request.

Abdul Sattar Sainuddin, Managing Principal


  • Our mission is to transform young boys and girls with active and creative minds, a sense of understanding and compassion for others, and the courage to act on their belief. We pledge to do the utmost possible to offer our students with a vibrant and enjoyable education opportunity that equips them for life long challenges.


  • Our goal is to lead the young to be, the light of the world, to accomplish total development of personality of students by helping them to grow emotionally mature, psychologically integrated, physically healthy, socially acceptable and spiritually true human beings and good citizens of our country.
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