Our Firsts

The School is located in environmental friendly surroundings Interiors and rooms for classes are state- of – art Teacher rooms are spacious and ensure minimum comfort levels required for efficient functioning

Classrooms are well ventilated, lighted and seating arrangement including Facilities inside the lecture rooms are adequate and conductive Environment in and around the Institute is appropriate for un-interrupted studies

  • We are world’s First Ever IMS Certified School.
  • 81 Gold Medals From New South Wales University.
  • To have a website and to publish results on it.
  • To have CCTV cameras and talkback sound system.
  • To write donor’s names on website.

The brochures are reviewed for accuracy and contents and dearly indelicate the courses offered by the School Based on the information indicated in these documents the students decide to join the School The School is committed to provide the educational inputs/ training / so that the student’/ parents’ other customers’ expectations are met The Institutes ensure rounded development of students through various initiatives as described in this manual The School meets the total requirements( statutory and regulatory) in line with the requirements of the affiliated Board; both academically and otherwise The School is also committed to provide any additional requirement by way of a additional inputs/resources to the deserving students in line with the quality policy and objectives

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