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The founder Mr. Abdul Sattar Sainuddin describes the history of Real English School: One of my ambitions was to found and run an educational institution with all types of trainings. In nineteen ninety, I took a decision to start a school. I started a pre-primary school in Baleshwar village of Surat district. After ample of advertisements and door to door marketing, I could get only two students- one was my own daughter! Villagers were not interested in sending their kids to English medium school. My friends dissuaded me from the so-called foolishness. I did not yield to their dissuasions. I shifted the venue of the school to the sub-district headquarters...


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We work with the aim of imparting real education to our students, planning, processing, auditing, correcting, monitoring, analyzing and reviewing. Our Management system is a highly coordinated, beautifully administered, effectively monitored and perfectly managed system consisting of well qualified and trained teaching and administrative team under the leadership of a fully committed Top Management.

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A gentle man,loyal person,a well-wisher,a hard -worker,a kind human being and our beloved teacher,HITENDRA PATEL passed away today.May his soul rest in peace.Amen.We will be closed tomorrow as a Mourning Day.Please pray for the departed soul...

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